A Community Fiber Network for Colorado Springs

The highlighted section represents Phase 1 of the project.

If you’re interested in affordable gigabit+ internet, add your name in support now! As construction continues through the neighborhoods, you’ll be promoted to select your services and schedule your installation.


  • ~210,000 total connections across the city
  • In phase 1 of our project, there are ~29,000 total connections, including ~25,000 Homes and ~4,000 Businesses

Each Phase Contains Multiple Neighborhoods

As each neighborhood reaches a critical mass of demand, we can expand construction into that neighborhood.


Each designated neighborhood will contain about 900 connections: residences and businesses that can choose to join the network.

Make sure we've counted you.

Fiber Runs Underground or on Poles, and Then Straight to You

Every home and business on the network receives a direct fiber connection. Finally, a powerful, reliable, and affordable gigabit+ connection to support the way you live and work.


We’re deploying more than 200 miles of fiber in just this first phase!


Ready to join this community network made for Colorado Springs?