Curt Norris

Network Engineering
Network Automation Engineer
at Underline
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Network and Infrastructure Automation. Fascinated by all things technological—especially in the areas of agriculture, ecology, energy, and space. Avid fan of the epic fantasy genre.

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Network Automation Engineer. Before joining Underline, Curt worked as a Network Automation Engineer at SpaceX where he was part of the team responsible for bootstrapping the systems required to monitor and manage their global network. Curt’s other experiences include working at DQE Communications and Zito Media— two ISPs based in Pennsylvania. Each of these roles have fostered a mindset for automation and allowed him to steer his career towards one in software defined networking.

Curt’s knack for breaking down complex problems into manageable, bite-sized pieces fuels his ability to create innovative solutions derived from the problem presented. At Underline, he will continue to innovate, and use his skills to help bring unparalleled network access to communities across the country.

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