Fly High with Gigabit Internet, Colorado Springs

This fiber network will support the way you live & work. Look up your address now and register your interest.

Secure your spotPaper plane

The benefits:

Gigabit+ Speeds

Fiber powers fast and reliable symmetrical connections with no data caps

Affordable Prices

$65/mo for gigabit internet with no lock-ins and no equipment charges

Consumer Choice

Multiple service providers compete for your business on a community marketplace

Community Success

Remote work and school, business growth, and modern infrastructure rely on this fiber foundation

Transparent residential pricing from a choice of providers

No data caps, no equipment fees, and no contracts.


500/500 Mbps

Upload and Download
No Data Caps
No Contracts


1/1 Gig

Upload and Download
No Data Caps
No Contracts

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This network will deliver ultra-fast, reliable, and affordable connections to homes and businesses.
Gigabit speeds and no data caps mean faster load-times, smoother streaming, better video calls, and downloading large files in seconds.
As an open access network, multiple service providers ride the fiber so you can select your services from a choice of providers.

How signup works:

1. Secure Your Spot

Add your name and address so we can measure demand, then tell all your neighbors to do the same.

2. Select Services

When construction reaches your neighborhood, you’ll be prompted to choose the services you want and select your installation date.

3. Free Installation

Crews attach the fiber to your location and install your equipment to get you online.

4. You’re Connected!

...and ready to experience everything  your new fiber connection has to offer.

We're committed to universal connectivity

We work hand-in-hand with communities to transform the state of U.S. infrastructure and close the opportunity divide—in partnership with mission-aligned service providers and investors.