Underline's Principles

We are committed to ensuring the vibrancy of our nation through building intelligent community infrastructure.


With an ethic of community partnership, we are committed to the principles of community development, resilient infrastructure solutions, reliable and affordable access to information and internet-powered services, and customer service.


We are committed to the principles of net neutrality in our role as the owner and operator of neutral, open access networks.


We believe that our network users are entitled to know what we do with their personal information.

  • We will never snoop on the websites you visit
  • We will never harvest and sell identifiable data—or even your de-identified personal data
  • We will only use data aggregations to direct and improve our own services and efforts, and will never serve you with non network-related ads

We work to keep your information safe, consistent with leading industry certification standards and modern software and data security practices. We engage in network management practices that are designed to optimize the network, and ensure our customers and partners have a secure experience.


In our allegiance to these principles, we require all service providers on our networks to sign a pledge —including commitments to net neutrality, transparency, and best practices in privacy and security.