We have a special connection to Fountain. Actually, a growing number of special connections.

Join your neighbors and make the switch to gigabit speeds on a full fiber network.

Hook ME UP!

Since we’re neighbors, what’s ours is yours

In case you’re curious, here’s what’s yours:

Ollie wifi delivery

A new fiber network built especially for Fountain.

Ollie Facetime

A focus on fairness and building a better community.

Ollie House

Service for residential & business clients of all sizes.

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A support team that’s 100% local and ready to help.

The big ISPs will overcharge you until you give them a reason not to. Meet your reason(s) not to.

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Transparent residential pricing

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No data caps, no contracts

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New fiber network

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Free equipment and install

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Ollie balance


500/500 mbps


1 gig /1 gig

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Word around the neighborhood is:

“We’re so happy we switched to Underline: prices are excellent for the superior speeds, installation is smooth, and it feels like they are catering to us—we’re not just a number. Underline is a massive improvement for us in Fountain and I’ve been telling everyone I know.”

Amy Merrill

“Make the switch to Underline—it’s a no-brainer. My speed is 10x faster, my monthly bill has been cut in half, and I no longer have to pay for equipment.”

Frank Dunne

“I recently switched to Underline’s fiber internet and I could not be happier. The sign-up process and installation were easy, and the service has been great. I encourage you all to sign up—you’ll regret not having done it sooner!”

Genevieve LaMaire

Ollie on a bird
Ollie on a bird
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How do I join my friendly neighborhood fiber network?

Tech webpageSpeed

Check if our ultra-fast fiber internet is available near you:

Check your address to see if you can schedule your installation immediately. If we haven’t reached your neighborhood yet, we’ll let you know as soon as we do!

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Select your services, schedule installation, and go!

If our network’s available at your address, choose how we can best transform your life with fast + fair fiber internet, book an appointment, and you’re on your way.

Tech TV front

Let us install your equipment
for free :)

Our locally-based teams will run your fiber connection right to your door. And the equipment and installation is always 100% on us. We insist.

Ollie lying down

Be amazed.

Yay, you’re connected! Now you can start kicking yourself for how long you waited to ditch the big ISPs. But cut yourself some slack, change is hard — jk, this was super easy 😉

Have Questions?

Message us at fountainhelp@underline.com Or call us at 719-465-0487

Connecting communities isn’t just fun. It’s critical.

We are a purpose-led company, with deep care and affection for the people and businesses in our communities. We work hand-in-hand with U.S. cities to transform critical infrastructure and close the opportunity divide—in partnership with mission-aligned service providers and investors.

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