Fountain, CO Joins Colorado Springs as an Underline Community

Underline: Fountain—the nation's second true open access fiber network—will serve residents, businesses, and the City of Fountain

What’s happening?

In 2020, the City of Fountain started looking for a provider to deploy a community-wide broadband network. Underline answered the call and proposed an open access fiber network to provide gigabit+ connections to residents and businesses, as well as service to the City of Fountain. 

With a series of agreements in place, construction started at the end of March 2022.

This will be the second open access network in the U.S. to deliver true competition and choice, following the project in Colorado Springs where construction is well underway. 

Residents and businesses can learn more and secure their spot now at

Why are we excited? 

In addition to ultra-fast and affordable connections for homes and businesses, this project specifically highlights the power of our open access networks to provide private, secure connections for municipal utilities; with our second market, we’re proving what’s possible with a model so distinct from other offerings. 

What are the details?

Fountain’s new network will be the necessary foundation for remote working and learning, continued business and job formation, and opportunity and upward mobility for families. 

For residential subscribers, the 500/500 Mbps connection will be available for $49/month, the symmetrical gigabit connection will cost $65/month, and the symmetrical 10 gigabit option will be available for $295/month. In addition, in an important reflection of the company’s mission, Underline’s Opportunity Program will provide 500/500 Mbps at no cost for households that qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program.

Micro-enterprises will benefit from 500/500 Mbps service for $79 /month and symmetrical gigabit service for $95 /month. Pricing for small, medium, and enterprise business customers will be dependent on specific needs with speeds up to 100 gigabits. All network members can select from a number of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) on a dynamic, competitive marketplace. The first three full-service ISPs on the marketplace are Adaptive Fiber, InfoWest, and StratusIQ. A speciality business provider, Capcon Networks, has also joined.

In addition, working collaboratively with the team from Fountain led by Lisa Godwin, Technology Services Director, we developed a highly efficient network design providing connectivity to City Hall and various other City buildings including the Utility Operations Center. With the combination of this connectivity design and a proprietary network user interface, Underline can provide secure Layer 2 connectivity solutions to the City.

What are people saying? 

Fountain Mayor, Sharon Thompson:

 “Fountain City Council is very pleased to announce that the city has signed agreements with Underline to make broadband service available to all homes and businesses in the City of Fountain and the City’s electric service area, This deployment of improved broadband across our community will be the culmination of several years of work by the city and will complete a major Strategic Objective set by Council in 2019.  This is a great day for the community of Fountain!

City of Fountain's Economic Development Commission Chairman, Harville Small:

"The momentum by City of Fountain Mayor and Council on behalf of the Broadband initiative will avail small, medium, and large businesses to compete equitably in the market, to accelerate business growth for the municipality, and to bring new services into the community. The Economic Development Commission is a partner in providing outreach and advocacy with the awarded broadband service provider, Underline El Paso LLC, to bridge awareness and to generate economic vitality within our community."