Ann Reck

Product & Design
Visual Brand Manager
at Underline
Underline Infrastructure Inc
Underline Infrastructure Inc
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Senior Brand Designer. Former Senior Graphic Designer in the health & fitness industry. Passionate about creating something new, illustration, CrossFit, and Philly Sports.

Their detailed bio:

Ann Reck is the Senior Brand Designer at Underline. She has previously worked at many of the leading advertising agencies, and most recently helped grow the design department at a health and fitness startup. With more than 10 years of creative professional experience, she has a background in Design, Production, Art Direction, and Illustration. Ann uses these skills to create brand consistency through design and communications from start to finish.

Although born in Virginia, she has lived in Colorado, Boston, and now Philadelphia. Her passions consist of supporting Philly Sports, working out at her CrossFit gym, and collecting sneakers.

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