Bradley Hilton

Software Engineering
Sr. Software Engineer
at Underline
Underline Infrastructure Inc
Underline Infrastructure Inc
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Software Engineer. Formerly at Rocket.Chat with a focus on building technology to provide interconnectivity. Passionate about building tools for others to use, faith, family, mountain biking, and real estate.

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Bradley Hilton is a Senior Software Engineer at Underline and has more than eleven years of experience in software development. Prior to Underline, Bradley worked as an Interconnectivity Architect at Rocket.Chat with a focus on tools to enable businesses and communities to interconnect their various other communication tools. While at Rocket.Chat, he created the App Engine and the App Marketplace to distribute Rocket.Chat Apps. Bradley enjoys working with real estate and has built several solutions for helping manage it, including writing software to help manage owner finance loans. Bradley is passionate about family, faith, and spending time outdoors while hiking or mountain biking.

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Open Source
Mountain biking
Real estate

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