Christina Lynn

Product & Design
Senior Product Designer
at Underline
Underline Infrastructure Inc
Underline Infrastructure Inc
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Product designer. Experience in design, app development, and technical writing within the insurance and tax preparation industries. Passionate about meaningful digital experiences, illustration, and ornamental horticulture.

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Christina Lynn is the Senior Product Designer at Underline. Her background as a technologist started as a technical writer for software and office infrastructure to support 11,000 retail offices, robotic process automation to handle technical support center reporting, and designing mobile platforms for users in a retail environment at 80,000 desks.

After moving into a role as a principal designer for an insurance distributor and healthcare services company, Christina implemented a new design library to advance the development of shared components for customer relationship management and clinical pharmacy tools. This enabled her team to introduce rapid prototyping into the intake and design process, which provided both business stakeholder and software engineers with essential interface references. Her experiences have given her the ability to creatively navigate technical limitations and articulate both complex and simple concepts into holistic and meaningful user experiences.

She strongly believes in dedicating talent toward initiatives that have a lasting and positive impact on communities.

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