Eric Stout

Org Strategy
Head of Organizational Strategy
at Underline
Underline Infrastructure Inc
Underline Infrastructure Inc
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Organizational Strategy. Formerly at Silicon Valley Bank & Kapost. Passionate about people, community, Colorado football, and all things travel.

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Eric is the Head of Organizational Strategy at Underline, focused on execution strategy. He has varied experience building scalable operations and high-performing teams through hyper growth business cycles.

Eric started his career at Silicon Valley Bank working with early-stage tech companies and quickly transitioned to venture capital/private equity services, driving portfolio growth of more than 100% year-over-year for 6 years straight. From there, he moved to a CFO/COO role at Kapost, a marketing SaaS technology company, where he restructured the finance, operations, and HR functions to support a successful sale of the business to Upland Software (NASDAQ: UPLD) within 2 years. Since the sale in 2019, Eric has worked with various other early-to-mid stage businesses on alignment, scale, and tangible results (one of which grew revenue more than 14x during his 2 year tenure).

Eric has a BS in Business Administration with emphasis in finance, a certificate in entrepreneurial studies, and a minor in economics from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

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