Hari Rajagopalan

Network Design
Sr. Network Engineer
at Underline
Underline Infrastructure Inc
Underline Infrastructure Inc
Company Profile

Network Engineering. Previously worked on Campus, Enterprise, and Service Provider networks. Passionate about family and outdoor activities.

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Harikrishna Rajagopalan is the Senior Network Engineer at Underline. After graduating with a Masters in Telecommunications, Hari started his career as a Voice and Telecommunications Engineer setting up Call Center Technology. Working as a Network Engineer at AT&T and GE, he gained competence in both Service provider and Data Center Networking.

He was the sole Network Engineer at Drew Marine managing more than 70 locations connected via MPLS technology. At Interactive Data, part of NYSE today, he helped design and maintain a world wide network which specialized in market data and ultra low latency networks.

At Dell Technologies, he was a member of a global team of Network experts which dealt with highly escalated and complicated issues of Enterprise and Data Center Network Technologies.

Throughout his career, he built and designed network infrastructure which was cutting edge as well as practical and is continuing the same at Underline.

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