Jaime Espinosa

Markets & Partnerships
Director, Market Strategy & Partners
at Underline
Underline Infrastructure Inc
Underline Infrastructure Inc
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Market Strategy & Industry Partnerships. Previously Network Design and Market Development at Corning for a broad range of FTTx projects across the Americas. Passionate about family, innovation technology, sailing, and soccer.

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Jaime Espinosa is the Director of Industry Partnerships & Supply Chain Management at Underline. He has over 20 years of experience in Sales, Account Management, Project Management, Market Development, Consulting and Engineering. He has experience managing sales growth and experience with multi-channel distribution and account strategy domestically and internationally with multi-million dollar and long term revenue accounts. He started his career as a Project Manager with General Electric performing technical analysis, sales support, project viability, and supervising the refurbishment of power generation plants using PC-based supervision software SCADA, and PLC-based automation. From General Electric he went to Corning Optical Communications where he held different roles over 15 years: Field Engineer and Project Manager, Systems Engineer responsible for the Latin American markets, National Broadband Stimulus Account Manager responsible for a network of business associates and recipients of federal funding for broadband infrastructure projects, Manager for National Contractors, and Manager for Market and Business Development for Carrier Networks where he created the business strategy for Municipalities, Electric Membership Cooperatives and Rural Electric Cooperatives, and the next generation of FTTx projects in the Americas.

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