Jason Thibodeau

Developer Ops
DevOps Manager
at Underline
Underline Infrastructure Inc
Underline Infrastructure Inc
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DevOps Engineering. Previously managed large scale infrastructure in cloud, on-prem, and hybrid environments across a variety of industries. Passionate about family, technology, and the outdoors.

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Jason Thibodeau is the Senior DevOps Engineer at Underline. His background includes managing on-prem as well as cloud infrastructure for multiple large organizations including Tripadvisor, CVS/Health, and j2 Global. He brings a wealth of experience in infrastructure management, automation, and systems design to the group. Jason specializes in removing unneeded complexity and distilling systems to their minimum-necessary complexity, while maintaining or enhancing functionality. His deep knowledge and experience managing diverse systems gives him the type of intuition needed to build innovative, stable, and performant systems that integrate the latest technologies without compromising their integrity.

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