Josemar Luedke

Software Engineering
Software Architect
at Underline
Underline Infrastructure Inc
Underline Infrastructure Inc
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Software Engineering. Formerly at Neighborly with deep expertise building user experiences and maintainable software. Passionate about Open Source, family, coffee, and landscape photography.

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Josemar has more than ten years of experience building software and worked in every aspect of software development from ideas to architecture to Backend APIs and Frontend User Experiences. His expertise in all these areas gives him the perfect knowledge about what is required to build efficient, scalable, maintainable software platforms.

Previously to Underline, Josemar worked as Principal Software Engineer at Neighborly, working on financial services tools to create community demand for projects. In the past, Josemar helped build the first open-source crowdfunding platform for creative projects. Today, it is the biggest crowdfunding platform in South America.

Josemar is passionate about open source software; and believes that shared solutions are the foundation for efficiently building the next generation of software services while elevating the quality of the projects.

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