Mia Komel

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Sr. Product Manager
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Underline Infrastructure Inc
Underline Infrastructure Inc
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Sr. Product Manager with 10+ years of experience. During her career she's had the opportunity to work on B2B / B2C, marketplaces, and e-commerce products. Passionate about modular synthesizers, vinyl, and taking photos.

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Mia Komel is a Sr. Product Manager with more than 10 years of experience building products in startups as well as big companies. During her career she had the opportunity to work on B2B / B2C, marketplaces, and e-commerce products.

Her experience allows her to work tightly with engineering teams and engage various different types of stakeholders. Mia is obsessed with understanding user needs and pain points and looks at product simplicity and short cycles as a way to build products that users love.  She won a top award for innovation in Brazil prior to migrating to Silicon Valley.

Mia is experienced in agile methodologies and applying lean manufacturing strategies into product management to product / market fit.  She firmly believes that organizations that are able to understand and deliver products that balance user needs with long term technological viability tend to become leaders in their markets.

On any given weekend you will find her either playing with her modular synthesizers, listening to her growing vinyl collection or taking photos with her 4x5 wooden camera.

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