Will Glad

Data Science
Director of Data Science
at Underline
Underline Infrastructure Inc
Underline Infrastructure Inc
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Data Scientist. Formerly data analytics & machine learning at Uber, & founded the Deep Sheep Project. Passionate about intelligent decision-making systems, environmental science, imaginative art, & learning new things daily.

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Before joining Underline as a data scientist, Will served in a variety of machine learning and analytics roles applying cutting edge techniques to real world problems in business and government. He began his data career at Uber as an analyst embedded with the Applied Machine Learning and Data Operations platform teams, prior to joining the Marketplace Personalization team. He then served as a data fellow with Delta Analytics and worked in conjunction with IDEO.org to develop a modeling approach to analyze housing outcomes for city government financial counseling recipients. He also founded the Deep Sheep Project, where he developed a neural network-based computer vision system to automatically classify wildlife images for the California Department of Fish & Wildlife. He did his graduate study in applied & computational mathematics at Johns Hopkins University, where his research focused on new methods for causal inference techniques for time series data.

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